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Deemix for Windows 10

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If you thought music piracy was long dead thanks to streaming, you’re dead wrong.  While streaming is super convenient, and you can brush off the $9.99 per month subscription as “it’s cheap and all you can eat!”. The fact is, not everyone wants or can pay a subscription for a music streaming services. And there is still a large number of people who simply want to manage their own music collection without having to worry about being tied down to a subscription.


So yes, music piracy is still around in many forms. Direct download from shady websites, torrent sites, hell, you can download music easily for free just by using a browser extension or programs like YouTube-DL. One of the oldest forms of downloading free music is with desktop software like Napster and LimeWire. But these types of programs have come a long way. Those programs were peer-2-peer. Modern software simply taps into the music service itself, and magically let’s you download files directly to your hard drive. No shady downloads, no viruses, AND, they have nice user interfaces.


Today we will look at Deemix for Windows 10. Deemix is the successor to Deezloader Remix, which itself was the successor to Deezloader. All programs that utilizes Deezer’s music library.

Download and Open Deemix

Below I have provided a link to the Deemix download page.


From the downloads page select pyweb and select win-amd64-latest.

Extract the zip. I recommend renaming the folder and moving it somewhere like the Music folder. Then double click deemix-pyweb.exe and open her up.



Create A Free Deezer Account

Next create a Deezer account. Don’t worry, it’s free. You need to do this, so you can log into Deemix with it. Once your account is created, log into Deemix and you’re ready to go.


Downloading Music

To download music, simply search for a song in the big search box, and click the download button. If you expand the sidebar on the right, you can see the progress of your download. Click the folder icon above the download list to view your downloads in Windows Explorer.

User Interface

Now let’s have a look around.


The Home tab appears to show what’s hot on Deezer grouped by playlists. If you hover over a playlist, a download button will appear, and you can download the entire playlist. If you open the playlist, you can select individual songs to download.



Under search, again, you can search for music. All search results will be displayed here.



Chart shows what’s trending by country. You can change the country and you can even download the entire chart itself.


Under favorites, you can see all your favorited music from Deezer and Spotify (If you have Spotify integration on, more on that later). Yet again, you can download each entire playlist or by selecting a song.

Link Analyzer

Link analyzer allows you directly download songs or playlists from Spotify via links. Useful for when you can’t find the particular song in Deemix.


For example, when you search a song in Google, you are seen recommended services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Copy the Spotify link from the page and paste it into here, and Deemix will download immediately…..if it’s in Deezer’s database that is.


Under settings, you have quite a few options. If you have logged in, you’ll see where your API key is saved. This is generated when you log in. And it’s the thing that allows Deemix to access Deezer API. Under that, you can select your language.


Under Appearance, you can adjust the sidebar and download tab. And under Download Path, you can select where to save your downloads.



Under Templates, you can modify how downloads are named using custom variables.



Under Folders, you can change how downloads folders are structured and adjust how playlists are downloaded. Under Folders, you can adjust track titles.



Under Album Covers, you can set how album covers are downloaded and saved.



Under Tags, you can specify what tags to save in each downloaded song.



Under Downloads, you can change how Deemix downloads songs. You can also change the download format from Mp3 to Flac here.



Other has other options from saving ID3v1, to adjusting the date format, to removing things like “Album Version” from track titles.


Spotify Integration

Under Settings -> Spotify Integration, you can supply a Spotify developer ClientID. When you do this, Deemix will be able to download music using Spotify links whether it’s a single song, album, or playlist. Your Spotify favorites will also show under Favorites where you can download your favorites with a click of a button.


To create a ClientID, log into Spotify Developer’s page.


Click on Create An App.


Give your app a name and a description. And hit create. This will generate a Spotify ClientID which you can then put into Deemix to enable Spotify features.


Web Interface

Deemix does have a Web interface located at localhost:6595. However, it seems to act as a separate instance. So if you have already set up Deemix on your system, you will have to do it again for the Web client. The Web client also seems to only work on your local network. I tried to access it outside my network over the Internet and couldn’t get it to work. There might be some special thing you have to do, but honestly I didn’t care too much to investigate.



About has information about Deemix itself as well as links for the project.



Deemix download page 👉🏾 https://download.deemix.app/

Deemix Subreddit 👉🏾 visit

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