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Dre Techsoft

Dre Techsoft is a Website and my YouTube channel devoted to software and Web How-To videos. I upload quite regularly.

Sage Video Downloader

Sage Video Downloader is a PHP Webpapp for downloading videos from YouTube and other Websites. It downloads video, audio, playlists, and can even re-encode downloads to HEVC. It's powered by YouTube-DLP and FFmpeg.

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Sage Animated Image Generator

Sage Animated Image Generator is a Webapp for creating animated GIFs, WebP, and PNGs from image sequences or video.

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NakedMVC (coming soon)

Naked MVC

NakedMVC is a bare-bones PHP MVC with support for Twig, Plates, and Mustache PHP template systems. It also includes a package of pretty font (via CDN), Config Lite+ (my fork of Pear Config Lite), and a super, easy to use database model for interacting with databases.