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The Importance of Having Your Own Platform And Preserving Your Content

A few days ago when I went onto YouTube, I got a notice saying that my YouTube-DL video got taken down and a warning was issued on my channel. Ok so maybe it was a dumb idea to put up a video on YouTube-DL. But, it’s not an illegal piece of software. Anyway, just to be safe, I was proactive and also took down the YouTube Vanced video for fear that, that may also trigger the Python scripts.


I won’t lie, I’m upset those videos had to be removed. But, then I realize just how awesome and important it is to have your own platform.


So often I hear about content creators stuff get taken down by YouTube and other platforms. But, I feel it’s much more egregious on YouTube. You see, many videos that get taken down on YouTube are educational and informational in nature. However, if the topic in question is too taboo, too controversial for Google and its advertisement overlords, those videos get taken off the platform.


This is why we’re seeing sites like Nebula being pushed by some big name YouTubers. To, relinquish some control back to the creators. As a developer, I strongly believe in preserving content, especially if it’s educational and informative, not mater how taboo, controversial, or even how violent the content is.


So when Google took down my video, I knew exactly what to do. No, I did not appeal. That shit is useless. I am not begging Google to keep my video up. Instead, I uploaded the videos to my CDN and directly onto my server. I replaced the YouTube video with the uploaded ones. Now, those videos continue to live online. And should Amazon decide to be a dick, again, the videos are on my server.


At the end of the day, I control how long my content stays online. Not Google, Amazon, or anyone else.


Now I get not everyone is a developer and has a dedicated server or access to a Web server. So what do you do when YouTube takes down your video then? You publish the video elsewhere. YouTube isn’t the only video platform you know. Put your content everywhere you can and let your followers know. Also, try to keep all your video files if you can. Utilize Google Drive and/or OneDrive if you don’t have any storage space on your PC. Never ever let the only copy of your YouTube video be on YouTube itself. If it is, download them now before YouTube wakes up and says they took it down.


By the way, the video that got taken down was the How To Use YouTube-DL and I took down the YouTube Vanced video. You can watch them here:

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