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How To Hide Files Inside An Image File

Steganography is this notion of secretly hiding information within otherwise nonsecret text, or in this case data. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to hide files within image files. If you would rather watch a video, video is below or go to Dre Techsoft 👉🏾 https://dretech.me/youtube/how-to-hide-files-inside-an-image-file


What You Need

An image file.
Files you want to hide in the image file.


Step 1: Zip or Archive Up Your Files

I’ve got two files. A picture of Chicago. And a video file called Ocean.mp4. It’s a large 30 minute, 1080p video file that’s 600+ megs in size. I’ll use 7zip to create a 7z file. I’ll right-click and choose, add to archive. If you don’t have 7zip in your context menu, just open 7zip directly.




For the best performance, I’m going to create a 7z file with ultra compression, and compression method LZMA2. This creates an archive with a size of 223 megs. Nice.




Step 2: Hiding Archive In Image

Open your command line of choice. And type a command similar to this.


copy /b Chicago.jpg + Ocean.7z VideoImage.jpg


This creates a new jpeg image called VideoImage.jpg. This is the image file with our video file embedded. Dope.



Step 3: Extracting The Hidden Data

Now, to extract the data from the image, open 7zip Manager and locate the folder with new image file and choose extract.



Don’t worry about that payload error. The video file in the screenshots had already been used in prep for this tutorial, so it had some “errors”. You shouldn’t see such errors.




Once extracted, you will see a folder with the files you zipped up earlier. My video is fully playable and usable in other programs. And that’s it!


Things To Keep In Mind

The hacked image file is visible just like any image. But, if you save or overwrite the data, the hidden data will be gone.


This method works for any image file, including animate gifs. And because the hidden data is archived or zipped up, any file can be stored in the image.


Video Tutorial From Dre Techsoft


Original Article

This is the article where I learned this technique. It uses a command for extracting the data, but I find it easier to just use 7zip. Article 👉🏾 https://www.hackingloops.com/steganography-hide-exe-within-the-jpeg-image-file/