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To Hell With Your Damn Ads Already!

Developing A Knee Jerk Hatred of Ads

A while back, while browsing Twitch, I clicked on a channel, and I saw a preroll ad at the start of the stream. I figured, well, uBlock Origin slipped up, whatever. Like 20 minutes later, to my horror, I saw true JavaScript hell! Suddenly, the video started moving around to the area the chat was, and in its place, another video ad appeared.


I immediately went to Google and Reddit and found out Twitch had updated its ads system that broke uBlock Origin. My anxiety went through the roof as I frantically started downloading other adblockers to block the ads. Then I discovered that people had made adblockers specific to Twitch. YES, I was saved! My Twitch watching could continue without interruption.


Then, a couple of months ago, while browsing YouTube, it happened again! Suddenly, uBlock stopped working for YouTube videos. Again, I was back to searching for alternatives. Adblocker Ultimate was the solution. And at the time of writing this article, Adblocker Ultimate continues to be what I use to block ads on YouTube.


I’ve been using adblockers in my browser since these things became mainstream. It started because companies began forcing unskippable, pre-rolls ads. Then they started rolling more ads in between the video content. So, I discovered adblocker extensions, and they greatly improved my Web browsing experience on the desktop. Eventually, mobile adblocking became a thing on Android via rooting. And now, there are endless adblockers available in the Playstore and elsewhere.


Because I’ve been using adblockers for so many years, I have developed a knee-jerk reaction anytime I see a video ad. It’s as knee-jerk as trying to swat a fly or kill a roach the moment you see it. I absolutely cannot tolerate video ads. I simply won’t consume the content if I’m forced to sit through an ad.


Likewise, I think it’s also this forcing of ads, this attitude of “we will make you watch our ads whether you like it or not” that really pisses me off. And it basically says, “fuck you consumer, our profit motive is more important than your user experience”


To Hell With Your Damn Ads Already!

Listen, I do not care about companies, especially multi-billion dollar companies, trying to make money from ads. To hell with your damn ads already! I will do whatever I can to ensure I never see ads online. Luckily, there is a huge community of developers dedicated to circumventing ads in the browser, on mobile, software, and at the hardware level for things like WiFi networks and devices like smart TVs.


This is a cat and mouse game and I can promise, big tech will not win. Ads in general has been a “necessary evil” mankind has had to suffer with far too long.


Back in the day on radio and TV, we just had to deal with it, because “that’s just the way it had to be”. Online, though, ads can actually be dangerous and waste user’s resources.


There are some who will say adblocking hurts content creators and will talk down to people who “steal” ad revenue from creators and companies.


I literally do not care. At this point, if you cannot make money without banner ads plastered on your site, or forcing pre-roll video ads, maybe you need to find a better way. But I won’t tolerate this bullshit. As for the big tech, keep pumping billions in R&D for your shit ad platforms. People will continue to find ways to block em.


Methods of Block Ads Online

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