About Me

My name is DeAndre Wilson, or Dre for short. I’m a Web and tech enthusiast from Chicago. I’m a self-taught Web designer who enjoys coding, making YouTube videos, and watching Twitch. Gay, loves chillout electronic music, and ice coffee is my weakness.


About This Site

This site is home to my technology blog and all my publicly available Web projects. Originally, this site was meant to be focused on blog articles. Then I realized, I’m lazy, and making videos on YouTube is a lot more fun. So, I split the site in two. Making this site more focused on my Web projects and a new site, Dre Techsoft focused on my how-to videos. While, I still write articles, they are rare.


Get In Contact

If you want to contact me, the best way is via email at drewilsonx@gmail.com. I check my email regularly, so please do reach out.