Raw Framework is a simple and easy to use PHP MVC that with integrated template support for Twig, Plates, and Mustache. Use it as a foundation for building Websites.

Install It

composer require dwilsondev/raw-framework:2.0.*

Just want the framework?

Checkout Raw Framework (Bare) which comes without the template engine stuff.

composer require dwilsondev/raw-framework-bare:2.0.*

Configure .htaccess

Configure the root .htaccess if you rename the folder. For example: RewriteBase /my-website If you’re using virtual host, set RewriteBase to /

Load a View

$this->view("homepage", array("title" => "My Awesome Website"));

Access Data

echo $data['title'];

Load a Template (Twig by default)

$this->render("about", array("title" => "About Me"));

Access Template Data (Twig)

<h1>{{ title }}</h1>

Load a Model

public function store()
        $products = $this->model("Product_Model");

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